Visiting LDS president salutes Kenya’s Mormon ‘pioneers’

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

LDS Church President Russell M. Nelson assured throngs of Kenyan Mormons that they share the pioneering spirit of faith with Latter-day Saints who settled Utah’s Salt Lake Valley nearly two centuries ago.

“You perhaps don’t think of yourself as pioneers, but you’re just as much pioneers here now as Brigham Young and his associates were following the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith in the 1800s,” Nelson stated during his global tour’s stop Monday in the East African nation’s capital of Nairobi.

In comments also broadcast to Mormon congregations throughout Kenya, the 93-year-old Nelson also remarked that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ “membership in the continent of Africa is about the same as it was for the whole church [as when] I was a boy.”

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Ahmadiyyah and Mormon have believe that Messhiah has cane on earth.
    Which one is the true Masshiah?
    Ahmadiyyah claim that MGA was a Messhiah
    Mormon claim that Joseph Smite was a Messhiah
    Only Allah knows it.

    All ❤️

    • Do the Mormons claim that Joseph Smith was the Messiah? or just ‘another prophet’ ? I am not that familiar with their teachings (although I do have the Book of Mormon in my library. May be I have to read it again some time).

  2. Only Allah knows which is true Messhiah.
    But I can tell you what is different between both:

    1. Ahmadiyyah concentrate with Spiritual thing, closeness with God and less worldly matter such as create Jobs or prosperity.

    Mormon concentrate both sprituality and prosperity.

    2. Ahmadiyya are not accepted by most Muslim, and still persecuted by the extremist Muslim wahhabi. Most Ahmadiyya live in fear in Islamic countries..

    Mormon are accepted by most Christian, there is not persecuting on Mormon. They can live in peace, and happiness.

    3. Ahmadiyya collect Money from its members for paying its preachers and build mosque.

    Mormon earn money from entreprenuers

    4. Ahmadiyyah seek only one paradise at Hereafter.

    Mormon belief those who seek Peradise hereafter has to get peradise on this world FIRST.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
    All ❤️

    • What you are saying gives a wrong interpretation. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at gives high priority to education in all fields (not only religious knowledge). And we follow the prayer ‘Oh Allah, grant us good in this world and grant us good in the next world …”

      • Rafiq wrote —). And we follow the prayer ‘Oh Allah, grant us good in this world and grant us good in the next world—-

        It is cool Rafiq— put this prayer in reality— prayer is unsufficient — we have to do our part —Allah will not change our condition if we do not focus and strive on changing—to be a entrepreneur.
        You are a good a example ir a role model in Ahmadiyya— you do entrepreneur in Lombok. Cool

        What I heard that most (all) Ahmadiyya clerics earn money from his followers ( collected money).

        Whereas our prophet was as a role of model how to earn money unlimited reward from Allah.

        In contrary, Mormon follow our prophet how to earn money from Allah—-most (all) Mormon priests are entrepreneur. They are rich, they live in paradise on earth.Mormon does non elect a Priest who is not a entrepreneur. That is a qualificationnto be a priest.

        If I am wrong correct me!
        All ❤️

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