The Wrong Way for Germany to Debate Islam

Source: The New York Times

HAMBURG, Germany — It was a warm June day in a northern German village, and I was talking to a Syrian friend outside a local shop. I had just bought some ice cream and offered to share it, but my friend refused. He was observing Ramadan: no food or drink until after sunset.


“If you had found asylum at the Arctic Circle instead of Germany,” I asked, “would you have starved by now?” It wasn’t an entirely academic question. In our village on Germany’s Baltic shore, the sun doesn’t set in summer until around 11 p.m.

My Syrian friend chuckled at the question about the Arctic Circle — where the summer sun never fully vanishes — but insisted: The law is the law; it’s what the Prophet Muhammad commands.

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:

    How to Fast for Ramadan in the Arctic, Where the Sun Doesn’t Set
    According to Geography.
    Allah sent His law for fasting in Saudi Arabia as following;
    The time for fasting from the sun-rise until the sun-set Q.2:187.

    God sent His law for fasting in Saudi Arabia, at equator line. Muslim will fast from the sun-rise to the sun- set in Saudi Arabia. The sun-rise is about 6 am, and the sun-set is about 6 pm. The length of day about 12 hours. So Muslim will fast about 12 hours.

    Can this law apply in Northern of Arctic and Southern of Arctic? absolutely No. Why?

    Because the Local Geography is different with Saudi Arabia. On Northern of Arctic the length of day time is about 22 hours. but on the Southern of Arctic, the length of day time is 2 hours only. The sun rise at midnight at 12 am, and then the sun set is about 2 am in the Northern Arctic.
    If Muslim still follow the God’s law that sent in Saudi Arabia, Muslim will fast 22 hours on the Northern of Arctic and 2 hours on the southern of Arctic. Can you imagine it?

    It seems it is not logic or impossible to fast 22 hour a day on the Northern of Arctic, and 2 hours on the Southern of Arctic.

    So I believe God will send His law different with Saudi Arabia. Muslim will be allowed to fast as long as 12 hours— from 6 am to 6 pm. Muslim do not need to see the sun, just see the clock as long as 12 hours. At the time of prophet (PBUH) did not have Clock yet, every one look at the sun rise and the sun set.

    How Muslim pray in Arctic?
    The same as the time of prayer, you can see the clock
    and you can adjust the time for fajar’s prayer at 6
    am, Lohor at 12 pm, Asaar at 3 pm, Magrip at 6 pm, and Isyaa 7 pm.

    This is view from Progressive Muslim
    All our love ❤️

    • Well, well, well … I even agree with Somi Tempo once. Yes, prayer times at the arctic and antarctic should be adjusted.

      • It means that Allah’s law can be changed / adjusted according to geograpic, location and progress and development oof Science and technology.
        This is a proof that Islamic law is flexible and do not make people in difficulty.

        Another example Rafiq.

        God sent His law according to science and technology.
        Often we hear from the extremist Muslim clerics that people have to cleanse the saliva of dog with soil 7 times at the time of Prophet Muhammad 1400 year ago. At that time, there were no soap available to cleanse the saliva of dog. Now soap and sanitizer are available in market. Do you think Allah will not allow us to use soap as cleaner?

        People of Saudi Arabia, Gulf States and Iran feel proud to uphold the ancient tradition from their ancestor who life in 1400 years ago, so call the Dark Ages.
        They forbid Muslims to posses the dog. They forbid women to drive a car. etc.

        Now in Modern time, modren interpretation bases on Al Quran below, that we believe that we can use soap to cleanse saliva of dog from our skin, instead of soil 7 times, and also Muslim can have a dog, as long as that dog healthy.Do you agree that? I am sure you agree.

        At the time of the Prophet there is no a vet. At the time a dog is very dangerous and forbidden. With the development of veterinary science, dog’s health can be maintained as well as human health.

        It’s funny that a healthy and well-trained dogs are prohibited ?. Dogs are very smart and helpful to help the police, the blind and keep the house etc.

        There are many God’s law can be refirmed or adjusted according to the progress and development of Science and technology

        All our love ❤️

  2. The statement, “it was more important for (Muslims) to abide by religious commands than by the laws of the country I live in.”, condtradicts with the teaching of Islam.

    ‘To truly love God and Islam requires a person to love his nation. It is quite clear, therefore, that there can be no conflict of interest between a person’s love for God, and love for his country.
    …according to Islamic teachings, God Almighty has forbidden all forms off treachery or rebellion, whether against one’s country or one’s government. This is because rebellion or acting against the state is a threat to the peace and security of a nation.’ [source:

    ‘Citing Pakistan as an example (Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahamd, head of the wolrdwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) said Ahmadi (muslims) were treated as inferior citizens and had suffered the most barbaric cruelty, however this had never stopped them from being utterly loyal to the nation.’ (Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V in a press release of Oct 11, 2010. [Source:

    Islam is a religion that teaches love and loyalty to one’s nation/country. If anybody breaking a law of a country or performing a criminal act are creating disorder and disturbing peace, they are not following their religious beliefs, but are insisting to carry on their religious values which can be interpreted as ego. In many religions, ego is frowned upon due to the impacts on judgment and values that it brings.

  3. Rafiq— you are a double standard, one thing you agree and other you disagree—

    Well, well, well … I even agree with Somi Tempo once. Yes, prayer times at the arctic and antarctic should be adjusted.

    You agree that Islamic teaching can be adjusted or changed.

    But Rafiq disagree to use Soap or sanitizer to cleanse the seliva of dog. It used to cleanse with soil 7 times according to hadith.
    Rafiq disagree that Islam allow to possess a healthy dog.

    We still need clarification from Rafiq.

    • I gave you a link of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV about dogs. Sufficient answer, as we follow the guidance of our Khalifas.

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