Auxiliary Organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim, Ansarullah Bensheim Germany, feeds needy people

Source: Adnan Mahmoud of Germany


An enthusiastic Ahmadiyya Volunteer cooking the food for needy

On 17.03.2018 ti was like a sumptuous party for the poor, needy and homeless people of Bensheim, a small city approximately 60 km south of Frankfurt. Host was Ansarullah Bensheim an auxiliary organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat Germany. Guests were about 70 poor, needy and homeless people of the area. Church supported Welfare organisation Diakonie is already looking after these needy and homeless people. It provides space to needy to eat food and to sleep. However provision of warm and daily food has always been problem for the welfare organisation. Any occasion when food is delivered by some organisation the needy people feel so happy and joyful they celebrate it as fest.

diakonie 3

Guests enjoying the Ahmadiyya hospitality

Mr. Adnan Mahmoud the head of Issar department of local auxiliary organization Ansarullah, under the guidance of his chief Mr. Ishaq made all the contacts and arrangements. Other team members of auxiliary organization assisted with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Meal material was procured, cooked and later distributed amongst needy people. Almost 70 needy enjoyed the warm food and thanked the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat from the core of their heart. This kind and humanitarian act brought a very good name to the Ahmadiyya.  Auxiliary organization is now considering to feed the needy on weekly basis.

diakonie 1

Guest enjoying the Ahmadiyya hospitality

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  1. Very nice.But there are so many cities,where this practice is already took place.

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