UAE and Saudi money ‘kills Libyans and Yemenis,’ says Mufti

Libyan Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar's forces patrol through the streets of Libya [zdig1‏/Twitter]

Libyan Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces patrol through the streets of Libya [zdig1‏/Twitter]

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are accused of supporting de-stabilising forces across the Arab world, and of thus using their money to kill Libyans and Yemenis. The accusation has been made by Libya’s senior Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadeq Al-Gharyani.

In an article published in a national newspaper, Sheikh Al-Gharyani pointed out that Libyans and Yemenis are currently being killed by “dirty money” provided by the UAE and Saudi Arabia in a fierce war that has been going over the past three years.

“UAE and Saudi Arabia leaders are stuffing the bank accounts of weapons’ manufacturers in the US, France and Britain,” the Mufti alleged. “Their money is always used in plots and schemes that harm the Muslim Ummah.”

Libyans and Yemenis who have not been killed by bombs and bullets have lost their lives to disease and famine in deadly sieges, he added.


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