How many Jews live in the U.S.? That depends on how you define ‘Jewish.’

Source: The Washington Post

 February 23 

Hillel students take photos of the 300-year-old Torah scroll that was given to the University of Pittsburgh Hillel Jewish student organization. (Antonella Crescimbeni/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/AP)


Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jewish people, and his regime murdered 6 million in pursuit of that goal.

Thousands of Jews fled to the United States and Israel during and after the Holocaust, if they could manage to make it to these relative safe havens. Now, more than 80 percent of the world’s Jewish population lives in those two countries, and the American Jewish population has grown substantially in number since the end of World War II.

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  1. Well, this ‘broad, definition of who is Jewish will have some advantages. This generation may not practice the religion, but may be the next generation will practice it again. If a ‘non-practicing’ Muslim grows up mostly the next generation will be lost too. – I met a Jewish person who seem to be not practising (eating bacon for instance) but in his father’s office was a photo with him shaking hands with the of Israel. And I was told large donations were made to Israel . The guy got the contract for Hajj flights from Nigeria.(signed under his photo with the President of Israel?)

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