Afghan peace talks a difficult proposition

Though the Afghan government has offered unconditional peace talks to the Afghan Taliban in the past, President Ashraf Ghani was more specific with this week’s announcement as he mentioned a number of steps Kabul would take once prospective negotiations begin and a ceasefire is announced.
The Afghan president unveiled his government’s strategy for peace at a conference in Kabul attended by officials from 25 countries and the heads of international organizations. This was the second “Kabul Process” regional peace conference aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the Afghan conflict.
The Taliban has in the past rejected every peace overture by the Afghan government, arguing that it was powerless to take decisions. Instead, the Taliban offered to talk directly to the US, with the latest offer made about two weeks ago through a letter addressed to the American people. In the Taliban’s view, the Americans are the power behind the Afghan government and talks should be held with them rather than the Afghans, who are heavily dependent on Washington for staying in power.

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