India Says 21 Million of its Girls are ‘Unwanted’ Due to a Preference for Sons

Source: Time

There are 21 million “unwanted” girls in India due to parents favoring having sons instead of daughters, new government figures show.

Released as part of India’s annual economic survey, the 2017-2018 estimate found that many couples had a “son preference” and would keep having children until they had a boy.

Furthermore, the data estimated that there are 63 million women “missing” from India’s population — with 2 million more from every age group going “missing” every year — because the desire for sons has given rise to sex-selective abortions, and girls suffer disproportionately from disease, neglect, or inadequate nutrition.

The government said in the report that the issue was “a matter for Indian society as a whole to reflect upon.”

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  1. This shows how barbaric so many societies still are. It’s not a problem in India alone. There are other countries, including China, but hopefully it’s improving there, since they are making so much progress in other directions. Women have been abused and killed throughout history, but karma will catch up, as they are already experiencing an imbalance of males v females, causing other problems. Education is necessary, together with changes in attitude.

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