The Intolerant Posture of the Supreme Islamic Council (of The Gambia)

Following the letter written by the Supreme Islamic Council to PURA showing their rejection of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at being issued a TV licence, I write to express my dissatisfaction.

I am disappointed that the leadership of the Council still thinks that Gambian Muslims need to be spoon fed even on the most basic Islamic matters or opinions. I wonder whether the Council knows what their responsibility is. If they do, is this outlined in a document so that they can refer to it as a when necerssary. Or is it that their power (if at all they have legal power) is dynamic so that they can use it against whomsoever they please? Do they know that even prophets have limits? God said to the prophet, CH 42 V 49 “and if they turn away, we did not send you as a guardian over them, your responsibility is only to deliever( the message)

Again in CH4 V81

“Whoever obeys the messenger, obeys Allah and whoever turns his back, we did not send you as a guardian over them”

The Supreme Islamic Council seems not to have limits. They can interfere in any matter. They are not even bounded by democracy.

The Council argues that honouring a TV application by the Jama’at will prove a Powerful Propaganda tool to adulterate   the minds of the  Ummah. What a lame justification?

At this point, I believe that the council does not know what they owe to  Gambian Muslims. In fact, it’s my opinion that their support for Islam failed to compel them to adopt the limits of the Quran. They claim that the Islamic Ummah unaniomoisuly agree that Ahmadiyya is outside the pale of Islam. If this is true, then their responsibility is to do their best to communicate that (so call agreement) to the Islamic Ummah. Period. As opposed to politics, In religion, it is the message you convey to the people that has influence over them not your opposition to other sects. Messengers won by influence not opposition. Listen to the narration of the great acceptors of Islam. Was it fierce opposition or the appealing quality and majesty of the meassge that consumed their disbelief? Khalid Bin Walid, Talhah, Siddique (RA) etc.

Face the Muslims and tell them about how HadhraT Omar Ibn Alkhattab accepted Islam when he actually took off to end Islam. What consumed his disbelief where only a few verses of the Holy Quran. Holy is Allah!

Why Show opposition and enmity when you have beauty to present? Kuntum Khair Ummah

Iblis is an open enemy to mankind yet begged Allah to be given respite. Doesn’t Allah know that He will adulterate the minds of believers? And yet Iblis pledged to stand in Allah’s own way. Supreme Islamic Council, God has taught you in His own way and you failed to take heed.

Religion is for God and not the Council. Take some few minutes to refer to the Quran and that’s exactly what you owe to the people. What is the OIC? When was it established? Are they a pseudo God?

You have consistently said Ahmadis Kalima is Different from The mainstrim Muslims

You have persistently echoed that Ahmadis say filthy words about Allah.

You have throughout maintained that Ahmadis do not believe in Khataman Nabiyyen.

If these are not allegations but facts, then the establishment of  Ahmadiyya TV has come to svfe you and your associates  from more talks.

If on the other hand these were propaganda tools to adulterate the minds of Muslims, then  prepare for shame. Cowards you are; and you shall be defeated.

Do you know how many unislamic channels are watched by people in their houses, in their phones, laptops, desktops? Do campaign against that. Islamic council does not come to active play except when Ahmadiyya is on the arena or Ramadan is to begin. What are you doing on service to the needy? Or are they in fact on your agenda?

You have left the worst records so far. A record of dissention, political alliance, support for dictatorship. The regime has changed and looking at your association with the former regime, your innocence is not guaranteed. Better spend the nights in prayers and during the day you seek forgiveness. For Janneh Commission is still not over

Finally, your show of rejection of this license and the consequent action of PURA will prove a measure of how much democracy we have attained within one year of New Gambia.  The Gambians want to know whether minorities have a share of democracy in the New Gambia or not.


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