Pope Francis Compares Gossiping Nuns To Terrorists

Source: Huffington Post

By Mary Papenfuss

He says they’re worse than Shining Path guerrillas.

Pope Francis compared gossiping nuns with terrorists during his South American tour stop in Lima on Sunday.

The pope took a moderate tone, and the nuns he was addressing laughed as he spoke. But the pontiff was serious about his message, and has referred to gossip as terrorism a number of times in the past. It appeared to be the first time, however, that he has called people who gossip terrorists.

“Do you know what a nun who gossips is?” the pope asked as he spoke to 500 cloistered nuns at the historic Church of the Nazarenas.

“A terrorist,” he answered. “Because gossip is like a bomb. One throws it, it causes destruction and one calmly walks away.”

He added: “No terrorist sisters! The best remedy is to bite your tongue. Don’t gossip in the convent because that will inspire the devil.”

Francis also said that gossiping nuns were worse than the “terrorists of Ayacucho,” again drawing laughter. The Maoist Shining Path guerrillas centered at Ayacucho in the 1980s and 1990s were linked to the killing and disappearance of tens of thousands of Peruvians.

The comments drew criticism from a newspaper editor, who said sex abuse by Catholic priests seemed more akin to terrorism than gossip, Reuters reported.

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The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments

Gossip is of course bad and the holy Quran also condemns back biting but one has to state the exceptions, which the Pope did not do, at least not in this instance.

If clear cut exceptions are not laid out it will create an unjust society. Sometimes the victim is complaining about things and needs the freedom to complain and it cannot be labeled as gossip.  Rather than there being an oppressive theocratic atmosphere, where the victim is blamed, there needs to be a sense of balance, rationality and justice.

If the victim complains and he or she is labeled as a terrorist and the only option offered is to patiently suffer, then it is not wisdom or justice, it is religious oppression to the extreme degree.

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  1. Disappointing! He is speaking to the nuns as though they are naughty children. A clear case of misogyny. I had higher expectations of the Pope.

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