Mormon girls will be able to attend new priesthood and temple meeting, but they won’t be getting the priesthood

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

In a move that seems designed to provide more gender equality for Mormon teens, the LDS Church is making small changes regarding who can officiate in temple rituals.

Effective Jan. 1, Mormon boys who are ordained as priests (as young as 16) will be able to perform vicarious baptisms for the dead in LDS temples and act as witnesses to the ritual, a rite formerly reserved for adult males.

LDS girls ages 12 to 18 will be able to assist with baptistry assignments currently done by adult female temple workers.

Further, annual “Priesthood Preview” presentations in LDS congregations will be modified to include not only 11-year-old boys, who will be ordained to the faith’s all-male priesthood at age 12, but also 11-year-old girls, who will not.

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  1. One day hopefully woman Ahmadiyyah can be Imam in 21 century as long as she has the same knowledge with male Imam. I believe Ahmadiyyah agree equality male and female.

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