Netanyahu continues to look the other way as pressure mounts

Source: Asia Times

The second case involves the popular Israeli daily Yediot Ahronoth, well-known for being anti-Netanyahu. The Israeli premier reportedly tried to reach a deal with its owner, Arnon Mozes, to offer him more favorable coverage. This is a crime in Israel.

Other cases are piling up in Israeli courts, too – against Netanyahu’s wife and son, and his political ally David Bitan, who is believed to have collected bribes from businessmen to pay off a massive debt when he was serving as deputy mayor of Rishon LeZion, south of Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, is believed to have misused public funds to pay for private chefs and electricians at the family home, in addition to hiring a nurse for her aging father. And their son, Yair, is being sued by an Israeli think-tank for writing a Facebook post that accused them of being “a radical, anti-Zionist organization funded by the Fund for Israel’s Destruction.”


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  1. Even though of pressure from OIC 55 countries who hate and reject declaration Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, will not make Israel people scare, Israel have a huge confidence that Allah will protect them.
    The Hatred people will never win the battle, Allah will disgrace their life on earth. They have been trying 70 years, and pray every day for help from Allah, but Allah never listen their doa ( prayer).
    Do you know why? Most of their leaders and clerics are hypocrites and musryk. That is why.

    With ❤️

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