‘A disaster in the making’: Pakistan’s population surges to 207.7 million

Source: The Washington Post

 September 9

Rubina Rehman, a government family welfare worker, counsels a young mother. Her job includes promoting family planning and providing contraceptives to limit family size. (Pamela Constable/The Washington Post)

For years, Pakistan’s soaring population growth has been evident in increasingly crowded schools, clinics and poor communities across this vast, Muslim-majority nation. But until two weeks ago, no one knew just how serious the problem was. Now they do.

Preliminary results from a new national census — the first conducted since 1998 — show that the population has grown by 57 percent since then, reaching 207.7 million and making Pakistan the world’s fifth-most-populous country, surpassing Brazil and ranking behind China, India, the United States and Indonesia. The annual birthrate, while gradually declining, is still alarmingly high. At 22 births per 1,000 people, it is on a par with Bolivia and Haiti, and among the highest outside Africa.

“The exploding population bomb has put the entire country’s future in jeopardy,” columnist Zahid Hussain wrote in the Dawn newspaper recently. With 60 percent of the population younger than 30, nearly a third of Pakistanis living in poverty and only 58 percent literate, he added, “this is a disaster in the making.”

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  1. Whom will be blamed?
    Of course the extremist Clerics who have been teaching the false Islamic teaching from centuries throught the book of Hadith.
    Some of clerics hate to promote the strong economy, they want Muslim live in poverty in order the extremist clerics can control their life. Some of the extremist clerics command Muslim to defand Islam from Infidel who want to destroy Islam. They promote / spread hatred toward: Ahmadiyah, Sufi, Christian and Jews. The extremist clerics create conflict among pluralistic society.

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    At the end no investor want to invest their money in conflict country. The result of that no one can create JOBS for people. People really need jobs badly.

    As long as Goverment under control by the extremist Muslim leaders, NO ONE wsnt to create JOBS fir young prople— it means the extremist clerics bring disaster to their people of Pakistan

    A wise leader will bring peace and prosperity but a extremist leader will bring disaster and conflict.
    Be careful to choose your leader, do not choose a extremist Muslim.
    With ❤️

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