USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organizes #MeetaMuslim to help dispel myths about Islam

Source: | Guest columnist Zohaib Zafar, member of Muslim Writers Guild of America

Guest columnist Zohaib Zafar is a graduate student at Cleveland State University and a member of the Muslim Writers Guild of America.

In this age of misinformation, many Americans have misconceptions about Islam and according to a 2014 Pew study, most Americans do not even know a Muslim. As an American Ahmadi Muslim, I recognize that we must change this and address any concerns our fellow Americans may have about Islam. This is why on Saturday, September 10, #MeetaMuslim day took place.

Hundreds of Ahmadi Muslims were out on the streets in 50 major U.S. cities with signs that read, “I’m a Muslim – Ask Me Anything.” We answered any questions that the general public and community leaders had about our religion. In Cleveland, we went to Public Square and West Side Market.

Collectively, the media fails to illustrate a realistic portrait of what Muslims do. While we must condemn the terrorist attack that took place in London and pray for the victims of this barbaric attack, we must also recognize that most Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens. If God forbid, this attack was done in the name of Islam, the perpetrator violated basic teachings of Islam found in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran says that there is no compulsion in religion and that if you kill one person, it is as if you killed all of humankind. Recognizing that the true teachings of Islam are only a source of good will alienate violent extremists and allow peaceful Muslims to win an ideological war.

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Motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

The media hardly ever recognizes the peace initiatives of my community, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. My community has tens of millions of members worldwide and we are led by one leader, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad who resides in London. He speaks against injustice done in the name of Islam on a regular basis and has done this his entire life. He has warned against the devastating consequences of nuclear war for years and sent letters to political leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu and King Abdullah, of Saudi Arabia, in an effort to prevent war and conflict.

Every 9/11, Ahmadi Muslims do the Muslims for Life event in which we remember the … read more at source.

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  1. I strongly believe that Ahmadiyyah has been promoting Islam is religion of PEACE with symbol: “love all and hatred none for none”

    Whereas most non Islam already know that Islamic teaching promote violence and force people to convert to Islam. Written in Al Quran and Hadith.

    As long as we, Islamic scholars do not teform Iskamic teaching, I believe people do not LISTEN to Ahmadiyyah preaching ( Dakwah) …

    My point is we have as Muslim who live in majority Non Islam have to denounce or reject publicly all violent Hadith and verses… then we have the right to proclaim that Islam is a teligion of peace, love, justice for all .
    May Allah give guidance and strength to reform Islsmic teaching to Ahmadiyyah leaders Amiin

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