The Pet Allergy Woman Who Was Dragged Off A Flight Says She Was Targeted For Being Muslim

Source: BuzzFeed News

BY Blake Montgomery

A woman who was dragged off a Southwest Airlines flight in September after allegedly demanding that two dogs be removed from the cabin because of a “life-threatening pet allergy” is giving her side of the story, claiming she was discriminated against for being a Muslim woman.

In late September, officers dragged Anila Daulatzai off a Southwest Airlines flight after she allegedly said she could not fly with two dogs and demanded they be removed. Video of the incident, which went viral, shows officers removing Daulatzai from the aircraft as she yells “What are you doing?” and “You’ve ripped my pants off.”

According to Southwest, Daulatzai claimed that she had a “life-threatening pet allergy” but failed to produce documents supporting her claim, giving the airline the authority to remove her the Baltimore flight to Los Angeles.

However, on Thursday, Daulatzai’s lawyers disputed that story, saying in a new statement that she had “discussed her non-life threatening allergies to dogs with Southwest representatives upon entering the aircraft, and together they decided that she could manage by sitting away from the dogs towards the rear of the plane.”

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