Canada: Liberal MP offered woman $100K to keep quiet about sexual harassment claim, father alleges

The father outlined his daughter’s allegations against Darshan Kang, an MP from Calgary, during an interview Monday with the Star. He spoke on condition that their names not be published.

He said over a period of four to five years, Kang gave his daughter unwelcome hugs, held and stroked her hand during car rides, and once brought her in a taxi to an Ottawa apartment, where he allegedly offered her wine and pulled at her jacket to try to get her to take it off. The next day he followed her to her hotel and tried to get into her room to talk, the woman’s father alleged.

He said that Kang subsequently offered her a series of payments, which escalated to a total of $100,000, to prevent her from sharing the allegations with her parents.

Kang did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Monday.

None of the allegations has been proven.

The Star also contacted the alleged victim, who is 24 and worked in Kang’s constituency office in Calgary. She declined to speak on the record without consulting her lawyer.

“She’s very, very upset,” her father said. “She has so much … on her brain and she cannot sleepat night.”

The Hill Times reported on Aug. 11 that Kang was being investigated by the House of Commons human resources officer, Pierre Parent, over alleged sexual harassment. Charles-Eric Lépine, chief of staff to Liberal government whip Pablo Rodriguez, confirmed that allegations have been made, but also declined to answer questions.

“We were made aware of the allegations and referred them, as per the House of Commons process, to the chief human resources officer,” he said in an email on Monday.

It is not clear if Lépine was referring to the allegation of sexual harassment, the alleged offers of money, or both.

A spokesperson from Parent’s office also refused to confirm or deny any ongoing investigation when contacted by the Star.

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