Our Sex-Obsessed American Prophets

Source: Huffington Post

By Kerry Walters, ContributorProfessor Emeritus of Philosophy, Gettysburg College; Catholic priest

In his 2002 book War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning, war correspondent Chris Hedges argued that there’s something alluring about battle. Defying an enemy gives us a romantic sense of participating in an historical moment grander and more heroic than our day-to-day routines. It makes us feel as if our lives count for something. He writes:

The enduring attraction of war is this: Even with its destruction and carnage it can give us what we long for in life. It can give us purpose, meaning, a reason for living. … [W]ar is an enticing elixir. It gives us resolve, a cause. It allows us to be noble.

There’s also the adrenaline rush that comes from battle. As Hedges discovered during his years of frontline reporting, it can be pretty addictive.

I mention this because of the emergence in this country of certain Christians who, fancying themselves heirs to the Hebrew prophets, engage in spiritual warfare against what they see as a fallen and wicked culture. These men and women are in 24/7 battle mode. They and they alone hold the enemy at the gates. They and they alone defy the forces of evil. They and they alone have God’s back.

What a rush it must be for these latter-day prophets! Not for them the mundane task of striving to be decent, ordinary Christians. That’s too humdrum, too boring, and most of all, too anonymous. It’s much headier to strap on the breastplate of righteousness, call in the press, and thunder jeremiads.

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  1. I suppose he has a point, the ‘excitement’, the ability to be ‘master over life and death’. Well, I have been to Baghdad and saw the destruction, destabilization, the injuries to civilians (where no-one ever apologized nor of course compensated) … war is horrible and the ‘excitement’ for the murderers should not be glorified!

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