Learning true Islam from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Source: http://www.mystatesman.com/news/opinion/commentary-have-questions-about-islam-let-talk-about-them/tAHlHJPPmGrY6XlMaDrdIJ/ | By Ateya Qureshi

Deborah Harris speaks with Touba Khurshid, left, and Aziza Faruqi at a Coffee, Cake & True Islam meetup at Caffe Medici in Austin in March.

Courage is facing fear head on. One does not have to go through heroic situations to show courage; it can be found in the simple everyday actions. In this day and age, when the words “Islam” and “terrorism” have unfortunately become synonymous, I had a unique opportunity to talk to a group of women who wanted to learn about the truth of Islam directly from a Muslim.

Despite their understandable reservations and possible fear, they took the first step of starting a dialogue instead of being passive and believing in what they were told. I am thankful to them — not only for making me feel welcomed, but allowing me to feel as an equal part of the society.

By receiving the invitation from St. John’s Presbyterian Church bible study group, I was not only honored, but my faith in the general American public was restored. I was treated with utmost respect and love and was asked genuine questions to help remove the misconceptions regarding Islam. I was given the chance to explain various aspects of our lives, which follow the true teachings of Islam.

We talked about jihad, which now is commonly perceived as the license to kill in the name of spreading the religion. The literal meaning of jihad is “struggle,” which is first applied in self-reformation. Only after that, when one becomes a portrayal of a true Muslim, he or she can spread the teachings of Islamic faith through his or her way of life and dialogue. I had the opportunity to discuss the rights of women, education, marriage and many other aspects of life as per Islamic teachings. It was no surprise that we found our religions to be quite similar. We follow the same guidelines to live a meaningful life in love and peace, which eventually lead us to finding God.

Our discussions made us realize how much work needs to be done to remove the misconceptions that we have about each other. It made me recognize that people like me cannot be lurking in the shadows for the fear of being judged.

I am thankful for this group of women who pulled me out of my fear and are willing to listen to my story. They want to know how the Taliban and some so-called Muslims have hijacked my faith and have made even the moderate Muslims questionable in the eyes of our neighbors, co-workers and friends…. read more at source.

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  1. Really? And did you explain to them that deception is quite acceptable, encouraged even to further the cause of Allah? And did you explain that to be a true Muslim one must pledge to live their lives modeled as closely after Muhammad as possible? Did you also explain that the prophet Muhammad obligates the spread of Islam to “all corners of the earth” and that your allegiance is to Islam and ONLY Islam? That you would NEVER fight to protect America OR an American against a Muslim invader? No, you lied ~ just as you always do because you’re a Muslim and you can’t think for yourself ~ first of all it’s not allowed secondly you’ve forgotten how. Your whole life is mapped out for you. You’re brainwashed. You don’t belong in America and you will never conquer America. Not all of us buy what you’re selling sister. #GoHome

    • How many Muslims and/or Muslim women have you actually met and interacted with, my friend?

      Please, don’t rely on 2nd hand information or even the media.

      • Really? And I should believe what ANY Muslim says? I don’t choose to associate with ANYONE who subscribes to an ideology who’s very name translates to “submission” and who’s supposed “God” Allah translates to “deception” but you go right ahead dip shit.
        That’s the problem, there’s a 1400 yr history that’s available for ANYONE to research but instead people rely on the Islamic ass kissing media and (bwhaha) Muslims themselves to reassure them that all these fanatics slaughtering people they love are really “radicals” and not doing exactly as Muhammad did. There’s no such thing as a “radical” and the most perfect Muslim emulates Muhammad as closely as possible. You’re obligated to turn all lands to Islamic lands and murder those who refuse. Your “religion” hasn’t changed -EVER- because it’s forbidden. You’re brainwashed and regressive and you need to take that shit elsewhere. I’m not buying my friend. I don’t listen to the #msm and I damned sure don’t believe a word any Muslim says.
        Pick up a history book. Or if you’re a Muslim just know that you’re not playing us all for fools, some of us know exactly what you THINK you’re going to do in America, it ain’t happening.
        I’ve no interest in listening to the lies coming out a Muslims mouth. You all need to go back to your own nations that you’ve subverted until the entire population is Islamic. America is not your nation, you don’t belong here, most of us don’t want you here. You’re not part ” of the fabric” of America, you’ve contributed NOTHING to America but death and destruction. Hell, Islam has contributed NOTHING to the world but death and destruction. Not 1 invention, NOT 1 can be attributed to Islam. Your belief system won’t allow you to “discover” anything. You’re programmed.
        I’ve no interest in discussing your political system, it’s not a religion. And don’t even try to compare Islam to Christianity – it’s apples and oranges.
        Go away liar.

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