Aziz Ansari Tackles Religion In A Way Only A Child Of Immigrants Could

Source: Huffington Post

In ‘Master Of None,’ Ansari captures how rejection of religion can be perceived as rejection of culture.

Religion is more than just a path to salvation for Indian immigrants to America. For many immigrant families, religion is a concrete and crucial source of cultural identity ― something that sounds, smells, and feels familiar in a country where everything is foreign. The Indian temples, mosques, gurdwaras, and churches that dot America’s religious landscape are a testament to how important that identity is to the first generation ― and how desperately those immigrants would like to pass their religion on to their children.

That’s why, when their kids begin to doubt, it’s a heartbreaking, painful situation all around.

Watching Ansari’s character gave me flashbacks to discussions with my own parents about religion, culture and doubt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those conversations reflected on television in this way.

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