“The Islamic State (ISIS) has nothing to do with the religion of Islam”, says the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Source: http://www.springfieldnewssun.com/news/local/local-community-leader-this-has-gone-too-many-times/cOPJ2R2HlCCIl3Xd0nBSjI/

DAYTON —Laith Waleed Alebbini, a 26-year-old Dayton resident accused of trying to provide material support for the terrorist group ISIS was arrested this week.

Islam Ahmadi Muslims for Peace 

FBI agents took Alebbini into custody on Wednesday at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport before he could travel to Syria to join ISIS fighters there, according to authorities.

“My first reaction is that here we go again, somebody has just decided to defame Islam once again,” said Abdul Shahid, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dayton president. “… This has gone on too many times and every time this happens, we hear from media, where are the moderate voices?”

Shahid wants people to know the Islamic State, or ISIS, is not the same as the religion of Islam.

“It has absolutely no room for any coercion, violence, or any type of killing,” Shahid said. “Islam stands for nothing but peace, and that is what we believe in.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community started a campaign a few years ago called “stopping the crisis.” They’ve started doing more in the last year with an anti-ISIS pamphlet… read more at source.

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