Gujarat: India state approves life term for killing cows


Ultimate proof for secularism: New price for a good beef burger: Ten years in prison. High time for humanity to understand that we need secularism in every country rather than the religion of the majority for every one

Source: BBC

The western Indian state of Gujarat has passed a law making the slaughter of cows punishable with life imprisonment.

Under an amendment to the state’s Animal Preservation Act, those found guilty of transporting beef will also be jailed for 10 years.

The cow is considered sacred by India’s Hindu majority, and killing cows is illegal in many states.

But the new amendment means Gujarat now has the toughest laws on the issue in the country.

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Comments by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times


Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

It is high time for humanity to understand that in our global village we have urgent need for secularism in every country of the world.

It is simply common sense now and not rocket science, for unlike centuries ago almost every religion is in every country and the populations are diverse.

Secularism will solve the obsession with Shariah Law in the Muslim countries and legislation by the right wing Christians in the West against Shariah Law.

You will be able to eat beef burgers without fear in India.

Israel will not need two state solution. President Trump will become more reasonable and friendly to the Muslims.

China will stop suppressing the Muslims in two of its Muslim provinces for every one will be happy living in a prosperous country. Muslims will not be killed in Mayanmar.

If I keep writing, I could perhaps make a similar case for secularism in every country of the world and that is what we are doing by collecting news items and articles on issues of secularism every where from all the common newspapers of the world.

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  1. Time for Muslims to learn from the Hindus and get away from killing animals to feed themselves, that means chickens and well as cows and others. There is no need for meat in the diet, and there are many good and tasty alternatives. Veganism is becoming ever more popular and is healthier, not to mention the suffering involved in the rearing and killing of innocent animals.

    • Why should anybody, least of all a country, put restrictions on its citizens’ diet? Nobody is compelling the Hindus of slaughtering any animal that they don’t want, so what is their problem?

      Next, we might have them, forcing non-Hindus to start worshipping cows instead of having freedom of worship.

      I thought, this freedom is enshrined in the constitution of India, so, on what grounds can a ruling party make such punitive laws? Do they have the same kinds of laws for killing human beings?

      Anyway, there are many so-called vegetarians who are openly and some secretly eating meat. Yes, even beef!

      I believe, our digestive systems have been made to eat both vegetables and meat starting with our teeth….

    • The Vedas say na tasya pratima asti. Then why do sanatan religion (hinduism) worship idols, the Deities and the laminations of the Deities?

  2. This is more a case of compassion towards and not killing other sentient creatures, who share so much of the make-up of humans. They have feelings and intelligence too, and should never be underestimated. I would recommend visiting a factory farm to get the full picture of what is done to those poor animals to feed humans. Not to mention all the chemicals that they are given, which is a health hazard to humans too. Quite a large number of Hindus are vegetarian, and would not consider eating any form of meat. I applaud that. I and members of my family have been vegetarian for many years and more recently have progressed to veganism. At least I know that I don’t have the blood of innocents on my hands. Killing is killing, whatever and whoever. May all animals be blessed and spared needless suffering.

    • If eating meat was such a sin and wrong, would the Holy Qur’an have allowed us to eat it and the ways of slaughtering (the most merciful way), etc.?

      Think about it?

      Also, the Hindu scriptures do not ask them to be vegetarians or vegans. Ask one of their scholars.

  3. I do not need to give further thought to something that is unethical, although I concede that it may be necessary, in certain circumstances where there are no alternatives, to kill an animal for survival. But that is not the norm, since many vegetarian alternatives are available, and both Hindus and Buddhists, not to mention others, are healthy human beings, without having the desire to kill to fill their stomachs. Does meat and the necessary killing give so much pleasure that you cannot forego it? Think about it, and you may yet see the light yourself, you don’t need any religious book for that.

    • I don’t have to justify my eating meat to anybody. I like both meat and veggies and hope to continue…Insha’Allah.

  4. One more thought on this. I don’t think that it says in the Quoran that animals should be killed to be eaten, but it does say to show compassion to all creatures, which seems to indicate more my views on the matter. And, after all, in the past, and still in most of the third world, meat is a luxury for the richer, which the vast majority cannot afford. In the first world, factory farming has made meat accessible to most people, even Saudi Arabia has McDonalds and other such outlets, which have become very popular, as can be seen in the increased size and consequent health issues of its populace.

    I would also point out that the world is constantly changing (not necessarily always for the better), and what was normal 1000 plus years ago, is no longer the case nowadays. Where once the people of the desert moved around on camels, people now use cars; and other technology including computers and mobile phones, providing contact and images once not approved of. In most cases we no longer believe in the death penalty, although the Islamic world seems to be lagging behind on this, but there is hope that this too will change. So, too, there is no reason to believe that the love affair with the needless killing of animals for human consumption will also change.

    • I don’t think you’ve studied the Qur’an and what it says re diet, i.e. what is halal and what is not. I would suggest that you read it.

      Just because you’re a vegetarian/vegan, it is not possible and/or practical for everybody to do the same. I live in Africa and most people here love meat.

      Btw, if you think that the Qur’an doesn’t talk in-depth about this, how do you explain the sacrifices of animals during Hajj? Or would you also like them to change that?

      And, I would suggest that while you’re talking about being merciful to animals, how about plants? Just because they cannot run away, make sounds that you can hear, does not make them willing to be eaten by us or anything else. Please read a post regarding this, today….

      Therefore, some living thing will HAVE to be sacrificed to feed us – humans, don’t you think? So, why split hairs about just animals?

      You are free to eat what you want as much as another is also free to do the same. You should not try and force another by using the argument that killing an animal is less merciful than eating plants, etc.!

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