Saudi Arabia’s billionaire king is on a lavish Asian adventure — here’s what he’s spending his money on

His essentials include plenty of limousines and far too many golden escalators

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, who has an estimated net worth of over $17 billion (£13.8 billion), is not one for subtlety.

He’s currently on a lavish tour of Asia, and has arrived in every country on his itinerary — most recently China — on a golden escalator from his personal plane.

He also isn’t travelling alone — when he landed in Indonesia, he was joined by an entourage of 620 staff and a further 800 delegates.

The pomp and pageantry on display during the tour has caught the world media’s attention — and not for the first time.

In 2015, he and his 1,000-person entourage caused the closure of a French Riviera beach for three days. Salman’s group poured concrete on the beach to install an elevator directly on the sand.

The King’s most recent trip has lived up to his reputation.

Scroll down to see the various extravagant things he’s spent his money on while on his Asian adventure.

500 limousines

King Salman flew two Mercedes-Benz S600 limousines with him on his trip. You may be thinking: “But what limousines will his entourage travel in?” Don’t worry, the Saudi King had 500 limousines ordered into Tokyo to ferry him and his crew around the capital.

1,200 hotel rooms

Bad news for luxury travellers in Tokyo at the time of King Salman’s visit — they may have struggled to find a spare room. The King booked a reported 1,200 hotel rooms at Tokyo’s top hotels to accommodate his staff and delegates.

Two golden escalators

Because one is never enough.





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  1. I say, ‘let him have his two escalators’, after all one could brake down. And let him have a few attendants, after all we cannot expect a Tokyo Hotel Chef to know how he likes his cup of tea.

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