USA: Milwaukee’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to meet U.S. representatives on Capitol Hill today


MILWAUKEE — A group of Muslims are headed to the Hill, including one Milwaukee man. They’ll be meeting with U.S. representatives. It’s something they’ve done for nearly a decade.

“Building bridges is kind of what we’re all about,” said Rizwan Ahmad, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

At Mitchell International Airport, Rizwan Ahmad is about to take off on a big trip to D.C.

Rizwan Ahmad

“We’re trying to build up the roads we’ve already paved,” said Ahmad.

The spokesman for Milwaukee’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will be meeting with U.S. representatives on Capitol Hill Friday, February 17th. He’s joining about 200 others on a trip the religious group has done for seven years.

This year there is new meaning.

“We need to protect our country,” said Ahmad. “But not turn out backs to anyone either.”

The group will address humanitarian concerns around the world, and the treatment of those who are refugees.

“We’re going to have very, very strong vetting,” Ahmad said.

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