USA: “Islam is hijacked by extremists”, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Albany


Muslim community dialogue aims to combat stereotypes about Islam

February 15, 2017 11:43 PM

AMSTERDAM —  “The understanding of the Muslim faith is not so good in the eyes of Americans,” said Dr. Hafeez Rehman, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Albany Chapter.

For more than a month Muslim community leaders have been holding weekly discussions about their faith at Fresh Basil in Amsterdam.

People of different religions and ethnicities also come.

“I try to tell them that we are actually really peaceful and I tell them like what we do and that we go to the mosque on Sundays and we learned that it’s really not as bad as people think,” said Soha Mahmood.

“I do have an understanding that the Bible and the Quran have similar teachings of values that we share and that’s how I see Islam,” said Amsterdam resident Maria Roman.

Organizers belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which is one of more than 70 sects of Islam.

Dr. Rehman says they are trying to combat stereotypes about Muslims.

“The faith has been hijacked by the extremists,” Dr. Rehman said. “And we want to take it back. And basically tell that the Islamic faith has nothing to do with terrorism or violence,” he said.

Dr. Rehman said the international organization has

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  1. Being a Muslim , I disagree that extremists have hijacked Islam . I am not talking about ahmadies who are hardly 2% of the total Muslim population . When popular Muslim ideology believes that the Quranic teaching ” there is no compulsion in the matter of faith ” is not relevant after the permission of jehad by sword , how can one say that Islam is a peace full religion ? When popular Muslim belief declares ” murteed ” as wajibul qatal , how can one believe that Islam does not permit the murder of innocents ? When Muslim mass is waiting for that Isa who would give only two options to kafirs , either embrace Islam or will be killed , how can we convince others that so called jehadi groups are doing wrong ? When Isa is to kill kafirs , what is wrong if Mr. X or Y are doing the same good deed ? As I have written earlier , these Muslim extremist groups are doing , they are following their ideology . Though , ahmadies have rejected this ideology , but it is not sufficient . Entire Muslim population will have to stand up against this ideology , and will have to surrender before the summary of Islam ” love for all , hatred for none ” . This is the only solution . With the popular Muslim ideology , it is difficult to crush those barbaric people nor we could convenience others that Islam means peace .

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