Why These People Of Faith Are Marching For Women This Weekend

Source: Huffington Post

By Carol Kuruvilla Associate Religion Editor

The Women’s March on Washington emerged as a response to the election of President Donald Trump. But it is also a movement for human rights. According to organizers, the goal of this powerful demonstration is to “affirm our shared humanity and pronounce our bold message of resistance and self-determination.”

For religious people, these values also reflect some of the core tenets of their faith. Rabbi Joshua Heschel, who famously stood beside Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at the march on Selma in 1965, taught: “Prayer is meaningless unless it is subversive, unless it seeks to overthrow and to ruin the pyramids of callousness, hatred, opportunism, falsehood. The liturgical movement must become a revolutionary movement, seeking to overthrow the forces that continue to destroy the promise, the hope, the vision.”

Thousands of people of many different faiths (and no faith) will be participating in this weekend’s events in Washington D.C., and in more than 600 marches taking place around the world. They follow in the footsteps of countless activists who have put justice at the forefront of their faith.

HuffPost Religion asked a few people of faith why they were planning to join the march and what concerned them most about Trump’s vision for America. Here’s what they had to say:

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