The Paris peace conference was beyond useless – everyone knows a two-state solution in Israel and Palestine is impossible now

Anyone who’s visited the West Bank these past few years, looked at the Jewish colonies built on stolen Arab land, witnessed the occupation and the filth of Gaza and observed its brutal Hamas militia leaders – and realised that Netanyahu will soon be the most left-wing member of his increasingly racist government – knows very well that the ‘two-state solution’ vanished long ago

As peace conferences go, this was the most miserable of all. Pathetic, hopeless, hapless, woebegone, dead before its time. Trump sent nobody, Netanyahu called it “the last twitches of the world of yesterday”, the autocratic Mahmoud Abbas didn’t bother to turn up and Theresa May’s secretary of state for buffoonery only sent a clutch of underlings. John Kerry, who said two years ago that peace between Israelis and Palestinians had at the most 18 months to succeed “or it’s over”, announced lamely that the gathering of 70 nations in Paris had “moved the ball forward” – whatever that means. So what was it all for?


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  1. If / As the two-state-solution vanished a long time ago, is it not time for the Palestinians to work towards a One-State-Solution? Of course a One-State-Solution must be for a state with equal rights for all citizens / residents. It cannot be an Apartheid State.

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