Muslim Comics in a Mordant Act of ‘Resistance’

Source : The New York Times

By Sopan Deb

“Look at how many brown people are here!” Dean Obeidallah said to cheers after taking the stage Sunday at the Comic Strip Live, a comedy club on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The Muslim stand-up performer, one of several on the bill that night, looked both jubilant and deeply satisfied as he continued to eye the sold-out audience of 200.

“This room, ” he said, “is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.”

Mr. Obeidallah, who is half-Palestinian and half-Italian, created the recurring show, “The Big Brown Comedy Hour,” in 2009 as a way of giving stage time to comedians of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent, among others. But on Sunday, the jokes took on a different, more urgent tone than usual. With President-elect Donald J. Trump preparing to take the oath of office on Friday and having threatened tough new policies affecting Muslim immigrants, Mr. Obeidallah told the crowd it was time for “comedy resistance.”

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