The Simple Beauty In How 5-Year-Olds From Different Faiths Prepare For Religious Services

Source: Huffington Post

BY Lisa Capretto

Five children. Five countries. Five religions.

It might seem as if children like that couldn’t be more different, but in less than five minutes, director Katina Mercadante beautifully captures the universal nature that transcends it all. In the new edit of her film “Five,” Mercadante follows five 5-year-olds as they prepare for their religious services ― one Buddhist, one Christian, one Jewish, one Hindu and one Muslim. From their corners of the world, each child dresses, washes up and eats. But what happens when they arrive at their places of worship is truly eye-opening.

We often hear about what divides us; “Five” allows us to see the many threads that stitch us together.

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