Donald Trump is ‘gaslighting’ all of us

Source:  CNN

By Frida Ghitis

Frida Ghitis is a world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald and World Politics Review, and a former CNN producer and correspondent. The views expressed in this commentary are her own.

(CNN)Is Donald Trump really a “big fan” of the intelligence community, as he claimed on Twitter, or did he disparage intelligence professionals when he repeatedly referred to them and their work in sneer quotes about “Intelligence” briefings and the “so-called ‘Russian hacking'”?

Did Trump mock a disabled reporter, or did your eyes, and the Hollywood elite make you think he did?
Did he convince Ford not to move a car plant to Mexico, saving American jobs, or was it all a fabrication for publicity?
Did he win the election with a historically narrow victory, or did he score a “landslide”?
The questions are endless, and the answers, unless you’re paying very close attention — all the time — can require significant effort to ascertain. Reality is becoming hazy in the era of Trump. And that’s no accident.


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