Woman arrested after threatening violence at Kentwood mosque

Source: Mlive.com

By Meagan Beck |

KENTWOOD, MI – A woman has been arrested after she demanded money and threatened violence at the At-Tawheed Islamic Center Monday, Jan. 2, Kentwood Police Capt. Richard Roberts said.

Police responded to the center at 3357 E. Paris Ave. SE at 8:47 a.m. after a caller reported a woman was standing outside the mosque, covering her face and holding a gun.

Threat prompts lockdown at Kentwood mosque

Islamic was holding a sunrise prayer service.

Roberts said a service was not going on at the time and the mosque door was locked but a small group of people inside heard the woman pulling on the door.

Members inside answered and the woman demanded money. She indicated she had a weapon in her purse and Roberts said she made reference to “blowing something up.”

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