Indonesia: Catholic Church criticizes forced-closure of Ahmadi Mosque


“The problem is that tolerant people form the majority group which chooses to be silent,” said Father Ulahayanan

A Catholic Church official in Indonesia has criticized the forced closure of a Muslim mosque belonging to the Ahmadiyya growing community, saying the move highlights a growing unwillingness by the majority in society to fight intolerance from the few.

The 41-year-old Al-Furqan mosque in Sukabumi district, West Java province was closed on July 26 forcing about 200 members of the community to pray in a nearby school.

“The closure of the mosque violates the Ahmadis’ right to worship,” Father Agustinus Ulahayanan, secretary of the Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the Indonesian bishops’ conference, told referring to Indonesia’s secular constitution.

It “shows a crisis in the values of tolerance and plurality,” he said.

The Ahmadiyya sect is a branch of Islam whose followers believe that Mohammed was not the final prophet.

Mainstream Muslims see this as heresy, which has resulted in Ahmadis being subject to various forms of persecution by hardliners in the Muslim world, including Indonesia which has seen protests against them, mosque burnings and murders in recent years.

Father Ulahayanan claimed that the number of hardliners in the country “is actually small.”

“The problem is that tolerant people form the majority group which chooses to be silent,” he said.

Hanif, a mosque official who like many Indonesians uses only one name said the closure was sudden and came without any notification.

He said the community agreed not to fight against the closure because “we wanted to prevent any possible conflicts.”

He admitted the mosque didn’t have a building permit.

“We have tried to obtain one. But perhaps there’s a resistance from people who don’t understand what Ahmadiyya is about,” he said.

Dadang Eka Widianto, a Public Order Agency official, said the mosque was closed in the interests of safety.

3 replies

  1. Muslim Religious Leaders Must Step Up In The Fight Against Radical Islam
    It is very clear that the root of violence in Islam today from the book of Hadith

    The book of Hadith inspire thousands young men to act of violence and kill innocent people, if he die will enter paradise—-This teaching from Imam Muslims_Bukhari deceive young men around the world. Very sad and pity.

    As long as Muslim Religious leaders, specially from Ahmadiyah do not want to declare that the book of Hadith is contaminated with violent hadith , these hadith should be removed.

  2. How kind the authorities are! In Jordan the authorities closed the Mission House of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community ‘for their own safety’. And Indonesia follows suit. Mosque closed ‘for their own safety’. I think all shops should be closed down ‘for their own safety’, because otherwise thieves might come.

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