Is some thing Seriously boiling up in power corridors of Pakistan.

Zubair Khan
Following indicators lead to some thing fishy fishy in power corridors of Pakistan.
1. Posters and bill boards comprising  pictures of current COAS with the request to take over appeared in major cities of Pakistan. Move on Party enacted these posters cum bill boards. Contact phone numbers also appeared on them. ISPR promptly declined military attachment to these advertisement. Government also denied any connection to these posters. Biggest question raised on inability of Interior Minister for not arresting the culprits in spite availability of telephone number. Inner circles indicate some thing serious propping up behind these posters and bill boards.
2. PM returned to country. Since his landing he is sticking to Jati Umaraa. PM house looks line haunting place. Did he get some signal not to come to Islamabad. If so who gave this signal.
3. Pakistan Army inclined towards China. Civil power elite fond of US. Latest damage control effort made by US Senator John Mccain.  Classically the trip however failed to bridge the gap between civil and military elite of Pakistan. Security and external affairs being establishment domain added mainly to US disappointment.
4. CPEC practically taken over by Army. Civil government looks like just a spectator. USA not in favour of this pact. However Pakistan Army is determined to execute it. Irrecoverable damage has been caused on mutual relations of Civil and Military Elite on the issue.
5. A Sattar Edhi was a public figure. On his sad demise things took sudden turn. Every aspect slipped from civil government to Army.  It became a state funeral totally controlled by Army. Why did it happen. Indicators are not good.
6. Recent escape attempt of Asad Kharal under custody of Rangers by Sind Police on orders of Sind Interior Minister widened the gap between Sind Civil Government and Rangers. Rangers which in fact an arm of military issued clear statements to bring back the culprit. Currently a delicate and dangerous atmosphere prevail in Sind.
7. Soft tone of PM viz a viz hard tone of COAS on atrocities committed by Indian Army in occupied Kashmir. Another indicator of widening gap between civil and military relations.
8. Continuously deteriorating situation with Afghanistan. USA, Iran and India fully supporting Ashraf Ghani to put Pakistan under full pressure. Instead uniting PM and COAS playing on opposite wickets. A dangerous situation for near future.
9. Sword of Panama Leaks hanging on PM. In spite best efforts COAS declined to digest these leakages. Drama of TORs died its own death. Neither play nor let others play tactics of current civil elite can doom the fate of all. Mr Zardari as usual talks directly with Bilawal and Khurshid Shah. Both get different instructions. End result likely to be dangerous for civil system.
10. Dramatizing the heart surgery of PM along with huge burden on public funds has also raised eyebrows of military brass. Tall claims were made to bear all expenses by the family. However the hard reality on ground appeared to be different. All to be paid from public budget.
11. Suo Moto by Supreme Court  on forming of Election Commission. In hurry funny names have been forwarded for the commission to eliminate fear of any upcoming disqualifications. Certain names of ex employees of Itfaq steel also sent. Such mockery is further worsening already deteriorated relations between civil and military elite.
Above indicators clearly speak of some thing seriously boiling up in power corridors of Pakistan. Mr Nisar and Mr Shahbaz  once again gearing up to arrange meeting between PM and COAS. Lolly pop of one ear extension to service chiefs is also in the bag . However for ultimate end result we must wait few more weeks.

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