I’m not a Muslim leader, says London mayor

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Sadiq Khan attends the signing ceremony for the newly elected Mayor of London, in Southwark Cathedral, London, Britain, May 7, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS

Sadiq Khan attends the signing ceremony for the newly elected Mayor of London, in Southwark Cathedral, London, Britain, May 7, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS

LONDON: New London mayor Sadiq Khan said Wednesday he was not a Muslim leader but represented everyone in the city, after making history by becoming the first mayor of his faith in a major Western capital.

“Let me be very clear, I’m not a Muslim leader or Muslims’ spokesperson, I’m the mayor of London. I speak for all Londoners,” the 45-year-old said in a wide-ranging media briefing.

Khan, the son of Pakistani immigrants, added however that his election proved “that it’s possible to be Muslim and a Westerner. Western values are compatible with Islam”.

He repeated his criticism of presumptive US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has proposed banning all Muslims from entering the United States.


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    • He is a true Liberal Muslim, that is why non Muslim elected him as mayor of London.
      Unfortunately Ahmadiyah Muslim are not Liberal Muslim.

      • Definition of liberal Muslim;
        It is very sample. Those who obey Human Right is a liberal Muslim..

        Human Right is the core of Islamic teaching.

        1. Treat all people with Justice for all people regardless his religion, belief, race and gender. QS 5;8.

        2. Liberty with freedom of religion, speech and expression.

        3. Democratic Secular of system.

        So those who reject the right of Gay, Muslim Ahmadiyya, atheist etc are against Islamic teaching.

        READ MORE; http://ilovemodrenislam.blogspot.com

        Prophet Muhammad(saw) advocated Human Right refer to Quran 4;75.

  1. For definitions of liberal Muslim you quote holy book. It is good. As human being all have equal rights and no one denies it. Gay as human being deserves all the respect and rights. Hopefully you are aware that the use of term gay to mean “homosexual” was in origin merely an extension of the word’s sexualised connotation of “carefree and uninhibited”, which implied a willingness to disregard conventional or respectable sexual mores. And problem arises when same sex marriages are promoted. Torah, Bible and Quran do not support same sex marriage view point. God created couples. Man and woman are for marriage purposes. LOOT, the whole Sura of Holy Quran clearly warns terrible ending if man is turning to man for sexual satisfaction.
    In view of above Ahmadiyya philosophy does not favour same sex marriages.

    • You wrote; Torah, Bible and Quran do not support same sex marriage view point. ==

      Yes, we agree that Allah does not like Homosexuality–Also Allah does like atheist, and Hypocrisy and Musryck. The biggest sin in Islam is sinful Syrick. You know it right?
      But Allah never ask prophet to punish those who do homosexuality, syrick and atheist.

      Homosexuality is not crime act, but it is a sin.

      Prophet Jesus and Muhammad (saw) said that your duty is to convey Allah’s laws, you are reminder. not to punish and judge people.

      There is no compulsion and force in God’s religion.
      Otherwise God said; love all people as God love you all.
      From Bible.
      Today I am giving you a choice between good and evil, or between a blessing and a curse, between life and death. (Deuteronomy 30; 1,15)

      He who is unjust, let him unjust still.
      He who is filthy, let him be filthy still
      He who is righteous, let him be righteous still.
      He who is holy,let him be holy still.(Rev;22:11).

      So it is very clear that Allah give the freedom to His people to choose his lifestyle, and Allah do not ask the authority to punish those who make sins or do Homosexuality.

      From Al Quran.
      There is no compulsion in God’s religion.QS 2;256.
      And showed him the two ways? QS 90;10.( God’s way, and evil’s way.)

      And say, “The truth is from your Lord. Now, whoever so wills may believe and whoever so wills may deny.” QS 18;29.

      Whoever goes right, then he goes right only for the benefit of his ownself. And whoever goes astray, then he goes astray to his own loss. No one laden with burdens can bear another’s burden.QS 17;15

      And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed, all of them together. So, will you (O Muhammad SAW) then compel mankind, until they become believers. QS 10;99

      ”your(Muhammad(saw) duty is only to convey (the Message) and on Us is the reckoning”. QS 13:40.

      So based on God’s laws above, that God have given people the freedom to choose his own way of life. No one can force anybody to obey God’s law, even Government has no right to punish those who make sins, as we are all sinner.

      God create people and provide the law for people. Only God has the right to judge, punish His People. All people are equal before God.

      We have to distinguish between sinful act and criminal act.
      Sexuality between man and man or woman and woman is not criminal act. They do based on love each other. Therefore, government has no right to punish them.

      What is done by extremist clerics of various religions insulting and punishing the gay and lesbian is wrong act, evil act and misleading.

      President Obama with his power, help to gain the right of the oppressed Gay-Lesbian community in America as well as Mathin Luther King who gained the right of the oppressed the black America in 1960.

      May Allah guide all my brothers to the right path.Amen
      For You from My Heart.
      All those who read shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; O Allah, be my witness, that I have conveyed your message to your people.
      With all my love.

  2. With cool mind if you read your comments you will find contradictions. Ahmadiyya only propagates what is written in Holy Quran. Some sins are punishable in Islam as mentioned in Quran. See the punishment for Qatal (killing some one as well Zina, sexual intercourse under forced scenario). However one should be mindful that Islamic punishments are applicable only if there exists a real Islamic state. To me in present era there is non which can be called real Islamic State as such these punishments can not be awarded.

  3. As we know well that rapping or “Zina” is the act of crime, should be punished or bring them to justice, BUT HOMOSEXUALITY is not a the act of crime, you should know it

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