Enshrined discrimination: No Ahmadis for Chenab Nagar plots

Tribune: LAHORE: The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHTPA) on Tuesday auctioned residential and commercial plots in Chiniot district following the placement of an advert that excluded Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya adherents from the proceedings.

Chenab Nagar, the headquarters of the JA, is situated in the district. The agency’s regional office in Jhang had placed the advertisement in a leading Urdu daily newspaper on March 1. The advertisement for the auction of 25 commercial and residential plots across two low-income housing schemes across the district proscribed Ahmadis from participating in the process.

The auction went ahead as planned on Tuesday with the exception of plots in the Chenab Nagar Lower Income Residential Scheme.

PHTPA Deputy Director Muhammad Saeed, who presided over the auction and placed the advertisement, told The Express Tribune that the exception had been made due to the scheme’s ownership having been contested at the Supreme Court.

The advertisement read: “anyone related to the Qadiani/Ahmadi/ Lahori/ Mirzai sects cannot participate in the Area Development Scheme Muslim Colony, Chenab Nagar.


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