View from Saudi Arabia:Iran caused 1 million deaths in four Arab countries

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  1. Now-a-days ‘News’ is very ‘colored’. One has to read papers from all sides and than make up one’s own mind.

  2. This accusation from both sides has been century—the result of hating each other–millions their own people have been suffering, displacing and killed, very very sad, pity, heartbreaking and embarrassing.

    Both political and scholars leaders have ignored the strong warning from Allah.

    Love your neighbor as you love your self, if you keep hating each other, and then watch out, you will be destroyed one another. This is what we see today in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and other Islamic countries.

    Actually, we can see from their eyes and speech are Evil influence.

    This religious war will not end soon, prabably will continue for another decades or century, UNLESS both sides obey human right, treat all people fairly. This is the main key from Allah’s laws.

    Was Salam
    All love

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