15 Religious Moments In 2015 That Give Us Hope For The New Year


Source: Huffington Post

The world is a difficult and scary place to be, but we are continually floored by the way human beings to come together despite their differences to make life just a little bit easier for one another.

Here are 15 religious moments during 2015 that give us inspiration and hope for 2016:

  • 1 . Germany’s Cologne Cathedral turned off its lights to protest an anti-Muslim march.
    Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
    One of Germany’s most famous landmarks, Cologne Cathedral, was plunged into darkness in early January in protest over a march planned by a growing grass-roots anti-Muslim movement in the country. “By switching off the floodlighting we want to make those on the march stop and think. It is a challenge: consider who you are marching alongside,” Cathedral Dean Norbert Feldhoff told Reuters at the time.
  • 2 . Lassana Bathily, a Muslim grocery store employee, bravely saved lives during a terrorist attack at a French kosher supermarket.
    Paul Redmond via Getty Images
    When a gunman laid siege to Paris kosher grocery store Hyper Cacher on January 9, Lassana Bathily, a Muslim employee at the store, saved several people by hiding them in a walk-in freezer. Bathily appeared on BFMTV the following night to talk about the experience. When asked about his heroic acts, he replied, “We are brothers. It’s not a question of Jews of Christians or of Muslims. We’re all in the same boat, we have to help each other to get out of this crisis.”
  • 3.  Hundreds of Norwegians circled an Oslo synagogue and mosque in a peace ring to stand for interfaith solidarity.
    JON OLAV NESVOLD via Getty Images
    After a synagogue was attacked in Denmark in February, more than 1,000 Muslimsformed a human shield around an Oslo synagogue in neighboring Norway, offering symbolic protection for the city’s Jewish community. The following weekend, hundreds of Norwegians gathered around an Oslo mosque to form a human peace ring in an effort to show solidarity and respect with the Muslim community.
  • 4 . Interfaith clergy in Baltimore linked arms and marched toward the police line.
    In the midst of a tense uprising in Baltimore in April following the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who suffered a spinal injury while in police custody, interfaith clergy joined hands for peace. In a powerful display of interfaith solidarity, more than 100 clergy members from local Christian churches and from the Nation of Islam linked arms and marched toward a police line. Periodically, they stopped to kneel and pray. “Our best sermon right now is not anything we say but what we do,” said Rev. Heber Brown, pastor of Maryland’s Pleasant Hope Baptist Church.

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