Unconscionable bigotry

Dec 13,2015 – JORDAN TIMES

The campaign of one key Republican contender to the White House, Donald Trump, has been awash with gaffes, posturing, and all sorts of irresponsible and inane declarations that often made one teeter between laughter at the lack of political savvy of this man and annoyance at his ignorance of world affairs.

Mostly, he would be a source of wonderment at the state of affairs in American politics.

How could this great nation of several hundred million people be reduced to having to elect for the elevated position of president, none less, among a handful of people rarely better than Trump?

But then, that would normally be a faraway concern and that one would stop at that.

Not recently, though, when that distant matter came closer to home when Trump called for banning Muslims from entering the US, a call Secretary of State John Kerry said “endangers national security”.

Trump’s attitude is contrary not only to international norms, but also to US standards.

“It exhibits an attitude by one American who is running for the highest office of our land about a willingness to discriminate against a religion,” said Kerry, adding that “Mr Trump’s statement is wholly and totally without recognition of the true American spirit and values and certainly tolerance”.

Trump is capitalising on the Americans’ fear of terrorism to show, and spread, malice towards Muslims, a move that shows ignorance of one of the great monotheistic religions and bigotry in a man who wishes to lead one of the greatest nations.

Unfortunately, the call makes him popular with many, which proves that intolerance is widespread among his people.

Trump still ranks number one in the polls; if things go the way they are, the US risks having an irresponsible man at the helm in Washington.

Trump’s opinion about Muslims is simply unconscionable; it must not only be condemned, but stopped through legal intervention as a clear violation of the US constitution and as a repudiation of all human norms.

Hate crime and propaganda for it must be combated by all means.

Legal action should be initiated in the US to criminalise Trump’s calls to hate and discrimination against a wide segment of the world community that belongs to a great religion, not unlike his.

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