Manassas Mosque gets threatening phone call: ‘You all will be killed’


Source: The Washington Post

A Northern Virginia mosque received a threatening voice mail Thursday in which an unnamed caller said he wanted to kill Muslims in retaliation for Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

“Unfortunately, there are a group of people that are uneducated,” said Imam Abu Nahidian, the religious leader at Manassas Mosque.

He said that the caller on the voice mail claimed to be part of a Jewish group. “We are checking if one Jew has been killed in California. You all will be sorry. You all will be killed,” Nahidian reported the caller saying.

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Elected officials visit Virginia Mosque in solidarityNorthern Virginia congressman Don Beyer and other elected officials attend prayer services at a northern Virginia mosque as a show of solidarity with the region’s Muslim population on Friday, Dec. 4. (AP)

Nahidian’s mosque has been vandalized several times in recent years, including an incident in August 2014 when someone spray-painted an expletive and broke a glass door before children attending the congregation’s summer classes arrived to see the damage.

“If they were reasonable, they would ask questions,” Nahidian said of Americans who say that his religion foments terrorism. “Then I would tell them, ‘No, our faith would never do something like that.’ ”

He added: “ISIS has no understanding of Islam — not only Islam, but humanity. It is not the Islamic State. It is a terrorist state.”

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