Riots in Jhelum

Source: ET

There is no member of any religious minority in Pakistan that can sleep safe in their beds. The virulent intolerance displayed against minorities has left two groups particularly vulnerable to attack and discrimination — Christians and the Ahmadis. The latter have the added disadvantage of discriminatory practices being institutionalised constitutionally. Their places of worship are attacked, the buses they commute to work on boarded by terrorists who go on to commit mass murder, and their homes and businesses destroyed. The latest such incident occurred in Jhelum on November 20 and continued on the following day.


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  1. Thanks for frank editorial. At least ET has the courage to call goat a goat. Since this peaceful community does not react violently as such considered an easy scapegoat for all kinds of tests. Current COAS is publicized to have very high rating for his actions against terrorists and those who spread hate speeches. However when it comes against Ahmadiyya Community here why standards get changed. On social media a video is already circulating where a Molina using threatening words standing beside the DPO and uniformed personnel. Who has to account for those who incited the whole brutal happening.
    National Action Plan was enacted. It required absolute justice. Partial justice will never work. Cleric from Lal Masjid has already given two weeks notice. Jhelum incident is a testing shot. Hopefully the whole scenario is not going to take a reversal order.

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