Securing minorities’ worship places: Police submit report to Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: The capital police have submitted details of security arrangements made for worship places of minorities within the capital’s limits to the Supreme Court.

Submitting a six-page report in the apex court in connection with a suo motu case regarding the implementation of the June 19, 2014 judgment regarding the protection of minorities’ rights, Islamabad IGP told the court that a total of 53 churches were situated in Islamabad.

“The worship places belonging to minorities’ are sensitive places as there is an apprehension of more terrorist activities at such places,” the report said, along with the fact that during the current year no attack had taken place at any religious place.

It is further mentioned that at present, 722 mosques, 39 imambargahs and 53 churches are situated in Islamabad. It added out of 722 mosques in the capital, 228 were from the Barelvi, 465 from Deobandi, 39 from Ahle Tashi, 29 from Ahle Hadis and five from other schools of thought.


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