Top Sunni authority lashes out at Daesh


AMMAN — Al Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious centre of learning, called on Wednesday for fighting militants from the Daesh terrorist group, citing their threat to the stability of Islamic nations.

In a statement, published by Egypt’s Youm 7 news outlets, the Cairo-based authority described Daesh insurgents as “Khawarij”, meaning “outlaws of Islam” in Arabic, stressing the need to eradicate them to ensure the stability and security of the Islamic world. 

The decades-old seat of Islamic learning also noted that Daesh’s youth-targeted online campaigns aim primarily at destabilising Islamic countries, calling on the young people “not to be deceived by such false calls raised by the ignorant and radical militias of Daesh who know nothing about Islam”.

Al Azhar described the killing, cornering and defeating of Daesh militias as a “sacred duty” Islamic countries’ leaders should undertake in order to ensure the safety of their people and repair the damage the terrorist group has caused to Islam’s image.     

The Islamic authority also criticised radical organisations that speak in the name of Islam but “know nothing about the faith”.

It called on all Muslims, Islamic organisations, government institutions, religious bodies and NGOs to work collaboratively and stand firm in the face of Daesh’s schemes.

Al Azhar also said that it is in session these days to address all developments and respond to any inquiries, vowing complete openness and cooperation with all initiatives seeking to safeguard the youth from “drifting” into the “deviant ideology of Daesh or any other radical organisation”.


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  1. Again and again we hear and read that politicians in Europe say that Muslims and Muslim leaders should speak out against ‘violent Muslims’ or similar. They all do – first of course the ‘Khalifa of Peace’, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, but many, no most, other Muslim leaders too.

  2. The Sunni Muslim leaders are a bit late in coming out against violent Jihad. Previously, all, including Maudoodi sahib, and Brotherhood people (Ikhwan), were preaching Jihad of bloodshed in the name of Allah.
    They were planning to win (run over) the whole world with their beliefs and weapons. Maudoodi sahib was anxious to get a small piece of land where he could enforce the law of Shariah. He failed miserably but when Khumaini came to power in Iran (that was just before Maudoodi sahib died), Maudoodi sahib was satisfied and happy. He said, “Oh, I am happy. My purpose is achieved. A government of God is established in the world.”
    The problem lies in the bad thinking of nearly all non-Ahmadi Muslims.
    1. They have been preaching (and now practicing) violence in the name of Islam.
    2. They believe that any one who changes his religion away from Islam must be killed.
    3. They believe that adulterer must be killed (stoned to death). i.e. exactly the punishment prescribed for adultery in Jewish law and the Sunnis are acting, walking in the footsteps of Jews alright.
    4. Most of them are political (tools) in the hands of their superiors.
    There is a serious need for all their Muslim leaders to come out and cry like the people of Nineveh and repent for their grand mistakes and all Muslim speakers should give sermons from all mosques every Friday (better every day) against any kind of violence and against any type of killing.

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