Why British Muslims need a ‘poppy hijab’ to remember World War One


Poppies have become the symbol of Remembrance Day. Anyone who wants to commemorate the lives of those who died for Britain in the war simply has to buy a poppy and proudly wear it on their lapel.

But Muslim women will now be able to go one step further, by wearing a ‘poppy hijab.’

The headscarf is patterned with poppies, and has been created specifically for Remembrance Day this year. Tabinda-Kauser Ishaq, 24, a student at the London College of Fashion and a British Muslim, designed the hijab.

“The idea to do a headscarf came from knowing that many Muslims generally mark Remembrance Day,” she explains. “We felt it wasn’t that widely known. The number of Muslim soldiers who fought in World War One was even less known. We wanted to create something that illustrated this history.”

More than a million Indian soldiers and 400,000 Muslims fought alongside British troops in 1914, but it is a fact that is little known or talked about. It’s why the Islamic Society of Britain and integration think tank British Future approached Tabinda to help them find a symbol of Remembrance that would appeal to British Muslims.



Three Muslim models wear the poppy hijab


Three Muslim models wear the poppy hijab

2 replies

  1. This is such a lovely thing done by Tabinda-Kauser Ishfaq & I am in awe of her imagination to design the scarf and to be inspired to see how we all need to come together to celebrate/remember the courage of people of all nations & beliefs to fight, give their lives, be wounded or suffer for a greater cause. I would like to buy a poppy hijab – I am not a Muslim but I am a woman and I will feel privileged to wear it with pride, respect for and honour to those of the Muslim faith who fought and died in the two World Wars just as I wear a poppy each year. Please post a link so anyone who wants to buy a poppy hijab/scarf can celebrate our sisterhood together.

  2. As done by small branch of British Ahmadiyya Muslim Community why not to donate collected money to the victim families. Just an idea.

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