Five Pakistanis listed in BBC’S 100 Women

ET: Conquering the world with their documentaries, campaigns and cartoons, five Pakistani women have made it to BBC’s 100 Women list.

Among BBC’s 100 women are documentary film-maker and Oscar award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Internet rights activist Sana Saleem, filmmaker and campaigner Sarah Khan, cartoonist Nigar Nazar and Saadia Zahidi.

Nigar Nazar


The first Pakistani female cartoonist, Nigar Nazar is Gogi Studios’ mastermind and lead cartoonist. A subtle, bilingual (available in English and Urdu) commentary on local gender issues, these comics are an important part of an emotive venture. From raising awareness to childhood development to a life of poverty to education and environmental degradation, Gogi covers a gamut of our society’s positives and pitfalls.

Sana Saleem


Internet rights activist, Sana Saleem is the director of the Bolo Bhi non-profit group that advocates free speech.

She is also the co-founder of Stories Beyond Borders, a crowd-sourced storytelling platform connecting personal stories for advocacy and policy change.


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