NYU Law School Organizes discussion with Pakistani HR lawyer Mujeeb-ur-Rahman

In the past:
Columbia University organizes “Pakistan’s Ahmadis: Blasphemy, Identity & Persecution” with Pakistani Jurist Mujeeb-ur-Rahman

Harward University organizes “Pakistan’s Ahmadis: Blasphemy, Identity & Persecution” with Pakistani Jurist Mujeeb-ur-Rahman

The Present

Source: its.law.nyu.edu

New York Law School

Monday, October 27, 2014  |  4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 210
40 Washington Square South New York 10012

Email Asma Peracha: aap563@nyu.edu

The Plight of Pakistan’s Ahmadis: Blasphemy, Identity & Democratic Exclusion

Join us for a discussion with prominent Pakistani civil and human rights lawyer Mujeeb-ur-Rahman on the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan, and the jurisprudence which has legitimized the persecution.

Pakistani Jurist Mujeeb-ur-Rahman

Pakistani Jurist Mujeeb-ur-Rahman

Mr. Rahman will discuss the plight of Ahmadis and its links to Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws, which mandate a death sentence or life imprisonment for those who insult Islam, and specifically target Ahmadis who “pose as Muslims” or “outrage the religious feelings of Muslims.” Mr. Rahman will also discuss his arguing of Zaheeruddin v. State before the Pakistan Supreme Court. Zaheeruddin – one of the country’s most important cases regarding freedom of religion – held the anti-blasphemy laws consistent with Pakistan’s Constitutional guarantee to freedom of religion, by reading Islam as an intellectual property right “protected” against infringement by Ahmadis. Mr. Rahman will speak about the denial of the citizenship rights of Ahmadis, including their exclusion from Pakistan’s joint electorate.

Refreshments will be served.

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