Month: September 2013

Peace Sign Satanic?

Huff Post: A Christian school in the Netherlands, Pieter Zandt Scholengemeenschap, was horrified to find an allegedly satanic symbol in its latest student agenda, asking parents and students to return the planners for shredding. That symbol? A peace sign. School board chairman Johan van Puten told Dutch newspaper Trouw that a Google search revealed […]

How to Immediately Improve Your Life

Huff Post: by Arianna Huffington. Philosophers have known this for centuries. “No one can live happily who has regard for himself alone and transforms everything into a question of his own utility,” wrote the first-century Stoic philosopher Seneca in his Moral Letters to Lucilius. And in practically every religious tradition and practice, giving […]

[Video] Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as) in words of Maulana Abul Kalaam Azaad

Source: | | Abul Kalam Muhiyuddin Ahmed Azad (Urdu: مولانا ابوالکلام محی الدین احمد آزاد‎, Bengali: আবুল কালাম মুহিয়ুদ্দিন আহমেদ আজাদ) (11 November 1888 – 22 February 1958) was an Indian scholar and a senior political leader of […]

Calgary: Conflicting values

Source: It’s highly ironic that the federal government recently established the Office of Religious Freedom and yet religious rights are divided in our own country. The federal government used the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a minority Islamic sect, to launch the Office of Religious Freedom. And yet Quebec […]