PAKISTAN: Withdraw blasphemy charges against Sherry Rehman – the country’s latest ambassador to the USA

The Muslim Times Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Asian Human Rights Commission

January 25, 2013

(Hong Kong, 25 January 2013) The Supreme Court of Pakistan, in its effort to gain popularity with the fundamentalists, has admitted a petition filed against Islamabad’s ambassador to the United States of America for committing blasphemy by demanding the withdrawal of the death sentence from the blasphemy laws. The petition was filed by a business man from Multan, Punjab province. Mr. Faheem Akhtar Gill was infuriated after watching an interview of Mrs. Rehman and tried to lodge a case against her for committing blasphemy with the police. When, initially the police refused to accept the case he filed cases on different occasions in a session court and then finally in the High Court of Punjab where the honourable judges also rejected his plea to book Rehman. However the Supreme Court (SC) has taken up Gill’s petition against Rehman for regular hearing and asked the police to conduct enquiries into the charges of her having committing blasphemy and report back to the Supreme Court. This creates doubts that the Supreme Court is, in fact, trying to influence the police to ‘find’ something against another ambassador to the USA.

There was no outcry within the country against Ambassador Rehman with regard to her comments but the Supreme Court without any concrete evidence has taken up the petition for hearing and again transferred it to the police for enquiry. In the initial stage the police already rejected the application of the petitioner as they did not find any concrete evidence of her having committed blasphemy. The question begs to be asked that if the police did not find any evidence before how it might be possible that it suddenly exists now.

Please sign the petition, by clicking  to stop misuse of the blasphemy law and the calculated efforts by the Supreme Court to suppress the freedom of expression in the country. 





6 replies

  1. This is a painful posting. Very strange to know that the local police did not take any notice of the Mr.Gill’s blasphemy allegation against Mrs Rahman and the session court and the Lahore high Court, too, rejected the plea, as such the Supreme court also should have done the same under the routine procedural practice and relevant rules and regulations of the judiciary. But alas, the apex court accepted the allegation for hearing and thus practically tried to please and play in hands of the intolerant fundamentalists/extremists. This act amounts to making a fun with another Pakistani ambassador to the States. One hopes that better sense will prevail with all those sitting in their seats of authority and that they will do justice with fear of God in their heart and full sense of responsibility to the posterity of the Islamic democratic Pakistan.

  2. Live by blasphemy and die by blasphemy only in Pakistan.
    Mullah is watching every one except the fashion shows in Karachi and Islamabad almost every week.

  3. We do not know what is the charge or on what grounds. If Sherry has criticized the blasphemy law then there is no blasphemy. Blasphemy is only if she criticizes the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.
    So some one should explain the content of the blame on Sherry, i.e. the nature of the case.
    The law is there but it is not true Islamic concept. It is against the teachings of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

  4. Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan are not in accordance with the teachings of Islam. These laws should immediately be revisited and withdrawn at once. The demand of Mrs. Sherry Rehman is quite appropriate and it should be taken into consideration. Dr. Khan

  5. In addition to my comments of 27 January:

    The proponents of the blasphemy law are advancing in their bad works by charging any one who speaks against that law. That is not blasphemy. Criticizing the bad (or any law) cannot be blasphemy. That is high-handed. They are even killing any one who speaks against that bad law. That is not justified. Their activity must be checked soon. But politicians need votes and the welfare of the country.

    The Jama’at Islami has a very bad record about religious matters and fanaticism. They are even asking for the release of a well known killer.
    Salman Taseer was killed for something good or bad. Why not the killer be killed too? Every one should take note of the JI activity in the coutry. Do they understand religion??

    It was the western scholars who were blaming prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. for spreading Islam by sword. Maudoodi sahib provided the proof for that and said, ” After failure in his preaching for 13 years, when the prophet Muhammad took the sword in his hand then all the rust and dust of doubt was removed.”

    How bad to ascribe failure to the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. !! Is that not blasphemy to say that the preaching of the prophet was a failure??
    It means that sword of Muhammad s.a.w.s. did the miracle.

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