Month: November 2011

Violence in the Bible and Jihad in the Quran

This article was originally published in the Muslim Sunrise, in fall of 2011. The Muslim Sunrise is the oldest Muslim publication of North America. By Khaula Rehman MD Many Christians and Jews, perhaps unconsciously, consider the Quran standing in absolute contrast to the scriptures they themselves cherish. In the minds […]

That rocky road to Damascus

Source: asiatimes on line The trillion-dollar question in the “Arab Winter” is who will blink first in the West’s screenplay of slouching towards Tehran via Damascus. As they examine the regional chessboard and the formidable array of forces aligned against them, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the military dictatorship […]

US and Pakistan enter the danger zone

Source: asiatimes on line The air strike by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at the Pakistani military post at Salala in the Mohmand Agency on the Afghan-Pakistan border Friday night is destined to become a milestone in the chronicle of the Afghan war. Within hours of the incident, Pakistan’s […]