Day: August 14, 2011

Why is London burning?

Source/Credit: Editorial The Sunday Times of Malta: 14.08.2011/Photo: Google images One has to feel for David Cameron. There he was, one minute, immersed in the wonderful rolling hills of Tuscany; the next he had to bring his holiday to an abrupt end, put a tie back round his neck and […]

Religion does not make people happy

Source/Credit: The Malta Independent  Online: 14.08.2011/Photo: Google images By John Guillaumier On 21 July, the BBC broadcast part of an interview that the Archbishop of Dublin gave on Irish radio in the aftermath of the Cloyne report on the cover-up of the sex abuse of children. The Archbishop asked himself […]

Pakistan to bounce back in coming years

Source: Pakistan Observer By Liaqat Toor/Tanvir Siddiqi/Ashraf Ansari Islamabad—Pakistan is bound to come back as a great nation with one of the largest economies in the world in next ten years. These were unanimous views of the speakers at a “National Seminar on Pakistan 2011-20” organised Nazriya Pakistan Council, Islamabad […]

The Holy Qur’an Exhibition in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Source / Courtesy: Stratford Beacon Herald A Muslim youth group will hold an open house on the Qur’an at Stratford Public Library on Saturday, August 13 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Rizwan Rabbani of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada said the group has been canvassing neighbourhoods throughout Canada promoting peace, condemning terrorism and bringing […]

The value of true leadership

 Source/Credit: The Malta Independent  Online: By Caroline Galea  14.08.2011/Photo: Google images I never cease to be amazed by how one  comment from a colleague or even a  complete stranger can set my mind  racing in a multitude of different  directions. This happened to me recently  when during a social gathering […]

Church’s popularity at all-time low

  Source/Credit: The Malta Independent Online: By Stephen Calleja 14.08.2011/Photo: Google images The fact that two priests committed serious and heinous crimes does not entitle us to put all members of the clergy in the same basket. There are weirdoes and perverts in every profession and social sector. And to […]

Get busy during Ramadan

Dubai: Generating high workplace productivity while helping Muslim workers observe the tenets of Ramadan can pose challenges for companies, experts say. Reduced daily work hours for Muslim workers who are fasting can impact on output for business environments vying in a competitive global market place. In the UAE, chapter four […]

Muslim group knocks on doors in Norwich.

A group of Muslims were knocking on doors in Norwich to raise awareness about Islam and clear up misperceptions about their religion. “We’re here to introduce what Holy Qu’ran is, what Islam is. Islam is not violent,” said Farhan Ahmad, a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada, based in […]

Muslims visit North to share views

  Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada (AMYA) are spreading a message of love and peace in Northern Ontario. “We have been doing these faith outreach programs for many years,” said Noman Khalil of the AMYA. “This is our second trip to Timmins, we did another trip […]

Jihad for understanding!

Mohammad Afzal Mirza pursued his holy Jihad this past weekend in Tillsonburg. An Iman – member of the Muslim clergy – born and raised in Pakistan, Mirza emigrated to the United States in 1981 and is undergoing the process of becoming a Canadian citizen. Listing his current occupation as ‘missionary,’ […]