A welcome resolution

A welcome resolution Nov 22,2015 – JORDAN TIMES The just-adopted UN Security Council resolution on combating terrorism in Syria and Iraq came at the initiative of France, which is still reeling from last week’s multiple terrorist attacks by Daesh in its capital, Paris. The unanimously adopted resolution defined terrorism as […]

Down with war, up with Europe

Aug 13,2015 – JORDAN TIMES – JONATHAN POWER Mankind got rid of African slave trading. It got rid of duelling. It got rid of torture. In some European countries it was abolished over 200 years ago. Even in World War II the allies did not systematically use torture. Regrettably, when […]

যুদ্ধ ও জিহাদ (War and Jihad) – আহমদ তৌফিক চৌধুরী (Bengali)

Source:  http://www.ahoban.org যুদ্ধ ও জেহাদ যুদ্ধ কে আরবীতে বলে কিতাল । যুদ্ধের নাম জেহাদ নয় । জেহাদ জাহদ শব্দ থেকে । এর অর্থ পরিপূর্ণ রূপে চেষ্টা প্রচেষ্টা করা (তাজুল উরুস ) নিজের প্রবৃত্তির বিরুদ্ধে সংগ্রাম করা সব চাইতে বড় জেহাদ , জেহাদে আকবর (মেশকাত) মহানবী (সাঃ) বলেছেন নিজেদে ন নফসের […]

How Saudi Arabia is pushing for war

CNN: GPS: When Secretary of State John Kerry met with his Saudi counterpart Prince Saud al-Faisal in Paris this week, he likely got an earful of complaints over Syria.  There was no public news conference after their meeting, which makes sense given that the Saudis often prefer that their sensitive consultations with […]

Bangladesh Genocide Archive

Source: http://www.genocidebangladesh.org Following is a timeline produced from historical records and recently declassified US documents during the Nixon administration. Full timeline can be viewed online at this LINK Click on the live links for in-depth contents 1930-47: Development of the Two Nations Theory which led to the Partition of the Indiansub-continent on the […]

The Independent: Robert Fisk criticizes Turkey for funnelling weapons and armed men across the border into Syria

Turkey is funnelling weapons and armed men across the border into Syria How the government howled. With the help of a neighbouring state, “terrorists” were trying to destroy the government and its army, blowing up and murdering its supporters. “Terrorists” were crossing the international border, arms were being shipped over […]