The 20 damning report findings into CIA’s post-9/11 ‘torture’ programme

The US Senate Intelligence Committee has published its highly anticipated and divisive report into the CIA’s detention and interrogation programme employed after the September 11 attacks. Only the executive summary of the 6,700-page classified report has been published, including its 20 findings. The 20 conclusions are presented below, including particularly […]

Secret US Senate report details CIA abuse

Source: BBC Related Stories CIA interrogation techniques exposedWatch CIA ‘searched US Senate computers’ CIA probes Senate staff monitoring The CIA repeatedly misled the US government over the severity and effectiveness of its interrogation methods, the Washington Post reports. A long-awaited US Senate report said that the CIA used secret “black sites” […]

Finucane, Sami al-Saadi and Khaled el-Musri: will we once again just ‘move on’ from the murky conduct of MI6 and the CIA?

Torture, rendition, sodomy: with ‘protectors’ like these, who needs ex-friends? by Robert Fisk, The Independent Last week was a bad week for our Protectors. It kicked off with the shameful details of the De Silva report, which concluded that the Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane had been murdered with British state […]

‘Daddy, help! They’re killing me!’

By Ruben Navarrette Jr., CNN Contributor Editor’s note: Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a contributor and a nationally syndicated columnist. San Diego, California (CNN) — As evidenced by media stories and public awareness campaigns, Americans have resolved to get tough on bullying. In that spirit, it’s time to send a message […]