When evils spread on land… 

AHMAD WAHAJ SIDDIQUI ARABNEWS Published — Friday 16 August 2013 The earth today stands in imminent danger and nothing will save it from environmental catastrophe. Six scientists from some of the leading institutions in the United States have issued an unambiguous warning to the world: Civilization itself is threatened by […]


By Michael Lokesson · National Geographic News · Published April 30, 2013 The Boston marathon bombing has focused attention on the word “jihad.” Vice President Biden characterized the alleged bombers as knockoff jihadis.” The Associated Press reported that the elder brother had “vaguely discussed jihad” with his mother over the […]

Are Muslim Women Really Second Class Citizens?

by Alayna Ahmad, Student, The Extension School, Harvard University HUFFPOST RELIGION The Muslim world today is inundated with stereotypes and fallacies about women’s role within society. Despite the Quran’s clear promotion of women’s rights in Islam, the interpretation of the Hadith and Quran by men has led to patriarchal structures […]

Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer Brilliant!!!!! “When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible & we had the land. They said `Let us pray’ We closed our eyes, when we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land” Bishop Desmond Tutu